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Art Robinson

Danger: Radioactive
Do Not Drink More than 63,000 Gallons of Water

Art Robinson | As for those 63,000 gallons of water, our readers know why they are safe. We don't ask them to parrot us, we ask them to think.

USNAS Estimates DDT Saved 500 Milion Lives Before it was Banned

Art Robinson | Somewhere on teh Earth, on average every 12 seconds, a child dies of DDT-preventable malaria.

The Politically Powerful Control Men with their Emotions, Not their Minds

Art Robinson | Men who can think are tolerated, so long as they keep in their place and do not seek political power.

Model Building: Far More Important than Memorizing Facts And Procedures

Art Robinson | A good scientist requires an excellent model and a well-developed ability to, by thinking, organize new facts into useful models.

Comparing Models to Facts: An Aquired Skill

Art Robinson | If models are well chosen and the mind is skilled in the use and checking of its models, that person's mind is well equipped to deal with both the opportunities and vicissitudes of life.


Conviction and Action

Access to Energy is a newsletter that discusses scientific issues that are of special importance to the public interest. The text is writen in laymans terms and also includes references to the scientific literature in support of the conclusions reached.

Written in an entertaining popular style, AtE urges readers not to "trust and parrot" the politically motivated statements of the press, politicians, and other self-interested parties. It even urges that readers not "trust and parrot" AtE itself, but provides experimental data and references such that its readers can reach their own conclusions.

About one third of AtE subscribers are scientists and two thirds are laymen. The renewal rate for AtE is greater than 90%, which indicates the quality with which this newsletter is researched and written.


More Than a Newsletter

Access to Energy is one of those rare newsletters that does not stop with just publication, but goes into effective action for the causes it espouses. The latest instance of this is the Petition Project - an anti-global warming petition signed by over 17,000 scientists - which exposes Al Gore's "scientific consensus" on global warming as phony. This Petition Project was funded by subscriptions and donations from the readers of Access to Energy. See Global Warming Debunking News and Views for more.